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Playing Progressive Slots Machines

04 September 2008
Global Casino News Team

Typically there are 2 Levels of Progressive Slots Machines in Progressive Slot Machines

Most progressive slot machines offer two levels of Progressives. A first jackpot is the biggest prize that is offered when a player lands a specific pay line. This is typically the big jackpot that is usually showed accumulating at the top of the machine in some type of digital display. Usually this is the most difficult jackpot to win, yet it is usually the jackpot that is advertised in the loudest and biggest way on the machine.

Progressive Slots Machines
The second jackpot is usually displayed on smaller screens beneath the digital display of the first jackpot. These smaller Progressive Slots Machines also relatively along with the amount of chips that are played. These second Progressive Slots Machines have a greater chance of hitting and pay out more frequently; however there is usually not a great deal of money displayed on the digital meter.

Strategy for Winning Progressive Slots Machines
A good strategy for winning Progressive Slots Machines is to look for machines that have a high amount displayed for both the first and second Progressive Slots Machines. If both Progressive Slots Machines are displaying a high amount it is an indication that the machine has not paid off in a long time and that it may be about time it paid off to someone and that someone might as well be you! One way to determine whether or not a machine has a real high payout is to look at the other slot machines around to check if the projected payouts they offer are as high. After a progressive jackpot is won, the meter will automatically reset itself to the base jackpot amount.

Playing at the Internet casinos
If a player is playing in an Internet casino you will usually be told right on, the screen when the last time was that a Progressive Slots Machines machine has paid out. At the very least, that information should be located somewhere on the site! If it is not, there a player is not playing on a reputable site. In a live casino situation, the employees are usually quite accommodating if ask them what machine paid off more recently or where they think the next cluster of winning slot machines is approximately located. One tip Ė donít choose a machine that is right next to a machine that has just paid off as it is not likely to.

A Tip to Winning Slot Machines
A tip to finding winning online slots machines in a live casino is to look for a machine that not only has the high first and second payouts yet also one that is situated in a high traffic area, perhaps near a bar or where a different type of game with tough odds is being played Casinos place high paying in these areas to encourage them to keep playing and to make sure that the maximum amount of players are actually witness to a machine making a pay off

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